Wettig Tourney card announced for holiday tournament

The 16th Annual Bob Wettig Memorial Tournament returns to Richmond on December 27 and 28, 2022. One of the premier tournaments in the state, with a wide range of participating teams. Three EIAC teams will play in the tourney this year, including last year’s champs, Greensburg. Lawrenceburg and Rushville were also invited this season. On the first day each pool will play to determine a bracket winner. On day two the bracket winners play for gold, silver, and bronze.

Day 1: Pool Play (12/27/22)

Pool A: Pool B:

1 v 2: 9 AM – Tiernan 1 v 2: 11 AM – Tiernan

1 v 3: 1 PM – IU East 1 v 3: 3 PM – IU East

2 v 3: 5 PM – Dennis 2 v 3: 7 PM – Tiernan

Pool C: Pool D:

1 v 2: 9 AM – IU East 1 v 2: 11 AM – IU East

1 v 3: 1 PM – Tiernan 1 v 3: 3 PM – Tiernan

2 v 3: 5 PM – Tiernan 2 v 3: 7 PM – IU East


Day 2: Bracket Play (12/28/22)

Gold Bracket: 1st Place From Each Pool

Silver Bracket: 2nd Place from Each Pool

Bronze Bracket: 3rd Place from Each Pool

Gold Bracket:

1G v 2 G: 11:30 AM – Tiernan

3G v 4G: 1 PM – Tiernan

Loser v Loser: 6:30 PM – Tiernan

Winner v Winner: 8 PM – Tiernan

Silver Bracket:

1S v 2S: 11:30 AM – IU East

3S v 4S: 1 PM – IU East

Loser v Loser: 5:00 PM – IU East

Winner v Winner: 5:00 PM – Tiernan

Bronze Bracket:

1B v 2B: 8:30 AM – Tiernan

3B v 4B: 10 AM – Tiernan

Loser v Loser: 2:30 PM – IU East

Winner v Winner: 2:30 PM – Tiernan

Pool Play Tie-Breaker Scenarios-

If 2 teams tie in pool play, head-to-head competition results will be used to determine seeding.

If 3 teams tie in pool play, point differentials from pool play competition will be used.

The point differentials of the teams involved in the tie are totaled. Teams are ranked according to the sum of the point differentials, with 1st in the pool being the team with the largest point differential, 2nd being the 2nd highest, and 3rd being the team with the lowest differential.

15 points will be the maximum differential of a contest (ex: If a team beats another team by 27, the 15-point maximum will be used for the contest)

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