Pirates Battle in Nail Biter, Owls get last hoot

Last Tuesday the Greensburg Pirates traveled to Seymour to take on the Owls and lost with a score of 60-55. Seymour’s Lloyd E. Scott Gym is ranked the second largest in the state to New Castle’s, whose can fit about 200 more people.

In the first quarter the Pirates got off to a super slow start. Ki Dyer scored a 3-pointer with just 3 minutes remaining in the quarter. Dyer also got 2 free throws. Dyer, once again leading the team’s offense, scored a 3-pointer and Bradley Lutz had 2 free throws which put the Pirates in an 11-10 lead.

Seymour once again started the next quarter off, but Dyer again battled back and scored a 2-pointer making the score 13-13. Dyer also scored a 3-pointer. Lutz scored a 2-point goal and got fouled so he got a free throw attempt but missed. Addison Barnes-Pettit had 2 free throws which put the Pirates in the lead. Lutz scored a 3-pointer which put the Pirates up by four going into the half.

In the third quarter Seymour had 2 free throws to get things rolling. Seymour’s offense was great, but the Pirates were slow on both ends of offense and defense. But eventually Barnes-Pettit scored a 2-pointer to get things going. Dyer also had a 2 and 3. Lutz added a basket. This put the score at 41-30 Seymour.

In the fourth quarter Grainger Maxwell got things going scoring a 2-pointer; this led to Jeter Edwards having a free throw and a bucket. Dyer got four free throws off a technical foul. After this, he scored a 3- pointer. Edwards had 2 free throws and Dyer got yet another 3-pointer. Jack McKinsey scored a free throw and Dyer had another 3-pointer. McKinsey followed this up by having a 3-pointer of his own.

The Pirates fought hard in this back-and-forth game but in the end, they lost by just five points.

Dyer led all scorers with 31 points with the Owls’ Jaylan Johnson posting 24. Lutz added 9, McKinsey 6, Edwards 5, Maxwell and Barnes-Pettit 2 each.

The Bucs (15-5) are at South Ripley Saturday evening.

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